Fundraising Ideas

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Host a Screening

There’s no better way to raise money for your organization that by hosting a screening or re-selling the DVDs at your next event. Public Performance Rights (PPR) are available for rescues and shelters through Soundview Media Partners.

Small screenings for under 50 people can be arranged for $150 with larger screenings costing just $200. This allows you to set your own ticket price and keep the proceeds to help your shelter or rescue! Most rescues charge $10-25 per person for these screenings. For example, a screening for 50 people at $15 per person would bring in $750 for a $600 profit after the $150 screening fee.

Re-Sell the DVD

DVDs are also available to rescues and shelters at a better than 50% discount in quantities of 8 or 16.  8-packs are available for just $96 which works out to $12 per DVD. The suggested retail price is $24.99 which means your organization makes a nearly $13 profit on each DVD sold. If higher quantities are desired, please contact [email protected].

Digital Site License

If you would like to use A Southern Fix as part of an educational curriculum and you need to provide access to the film on-line via a secure server, you will need a Digital Site License. These licenses are available for from 1-5 years and pricing begins at $300 per year. For questions about DSL, please contact [email protected].


Place an Order for DVD Packs, Public Performance Rights, or Digital Site Licenses

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