Host a Screening

Let’s Fix It!

Through our partner TUGG Inc, you can choose to show A Southern Fix at a movie theatre, or at a community venue.  Theatrical screenings take place at a movie theater and community screenings can be set-up at a church, library, community center, or anywhere with a screen and a DVD player.

For Theatrical Screenings


Please visit our page at TUGG to fill out an Event Request Form and bring the film to your city!

For Community Screenings

For Tugg Community screenings, when you purchases a license from TUGG,  the DVD is shipped to you along with a return label to send this media back after their event. Upon purchase, Tugg Tools will be available to you and you will be directed to request an Event Page (for ticketing or RSVP collection) if you’d like to use this for your community screening event. 

CLICK HERE to request a community screening with TUGG.


For Educational Institutions

If you would like to purchase A SOUTHERN FIX for an educational institution or public library, please visit Soundview Media Partners.


The filmmakers, Michael Samstag and Josh Gildrie are available to speak at your screening for an additional $500 appearance fee (negotiable) plus travel. We can also arrange for a Skype interview after your screening for no fee if we are available. Please e-mail us if you would like to arrange an interview.

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